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My Business Voice will promise to lower costs and boost productivity all with an easy to use Hosted PBX or Onsite Phone systems!We are the Small to Medium Business experts!

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About Us

My Business Voice - Business telephone solutions that guarantee lower costs and boosted productivity

Use the power of the cloud to stay connected wherever you are . Without the cost of premises based systems.

My Business Voice started in Sydney, now with over 13 years industry experience we are Australia wide. We are committed to providing the next generation, high quality Voice over IP (VoIP) phone solutions.
We are always up to date with the latest in telecommunications technology which we design and tailor to be the best and most cost effective solution for you and your business. At My Business Voice we pride ourselves on our service delivery and selling quality products such as Yealink, a leader in VoIP products and software.

No customer’s needs are too small; I take great pride in knowing that we’re offering the best after sales support.

Leigh Schmid – Director, My Business Voice

We have partnered with Yealink for their top quality products with all our staff members being certified installers. We always get a kick out of showing all the new and wonderful features to our customers, all for a lower price than they once paid for communications and saving them money on their existing bills.

All of our services are dedicated to business customers only. Which is why we only sell business grade products and services. This and our quality VoIP business network makes us stand out from the rest.


We are a one stop telecommunication company supplying cost effective services and products such as

Hosted PBX – VoIP phone system – Virtual PBX
Onsite internal Wi-Fi solutions
Porting of your existing numbers from any carrier
Brand new numbers including 1300 131 & 1800
EFM & SHDSL connections
One invoice for all services
Training and ongoing support with all products and services

MBV, as a brand, reflects our determination to be fresh and imaginative whilst holding true to the philosophy of being open, fair, reasonable and truthful to all our customers. At My Business Voice we don’t just sell VoIP equipment we sell solutions that help in day to day business and service all equipment for life. Unlike other Telco’s we don’t lock our customers into long contracts we want you to stay with us because you want to not because you have to.

Hosted PBX for your business

In today challenging business environment we all need the edge and one outstanding business tools is a Hosted PBX which will give you the competitive edge! This technology will give you the freedom to communicate with your customers, colleges and business associates from anywhere in the world simply and effectively with a range of applications and hardware right at your fingertips. Don’t get anchored to your office with an old legacy telephone system let My Business Voice tailor design a solution that fits your unique business requirements.

Our products and implementation strategies will always allow professional organizations to grow with the technology and the technology grow with them, gone of the days where you were restricted by hardware capabilities today’s software PBX systems can grow with your every need. From 1 phone in one office to 10,000 extensions across the globe we can help you get the best out of your telecommunications systems where others can’t.

Quality, Clarity and Reliability

All businesses strive to be as professional and committed to excellence in there field of expertise My Business Voice is no different we excel in the telecommunications industry delivering the very best quality, clarity and reliable business telephone systems in Australia. It all starts with the infrastructure symmetrical high speed internet services, approved installation of internal category 5e/6 data cabling and the right routers with QOS and POE switches connected to UPS systems all make a reliable Hosted PBX network. The other key elements are the audio codecs, codecs are the streams of audio data delivered across the telecommunications network we use the same high quality audio codecs as Telstra’s network G711a so you can be reassured that your business phones will not loose any sound quality and have the highest of reliability.

Hosted PBX is easy

Even tho we offer a range of complex features to different industries across Australia the end goal is to deliver a simply customizable system so you the customer can complete day to day tasks without the need to complicated codes and function. From Transferring a call which is an easy two step function to the system automatically switching between day/night modes. The automation takes the hassle out of assigning a task to a staff member as the system will automatically complete the switching based on your timed request.

Soft Phones or IP Desk Phones

The freedom we offer is quite refreshing as you are not locked into one manufactures products you are free to choose a host of brands for VoIP SIP phones like Cisco, Linksys, Yealink and Grandstream etc… this allows businesses to customize the look and feel of their office environment. Each brand can do many features as standard but each phone manufacture can offer their own unique set of features so the choice is yours.

Maintenance Free Service

My Business Voice takes care of your setup and ongoing maintenance of the PBX from ring groups to add extra phones for new staff, the process is easy a phone can shipped directly to your office pre-configured simply plugin and you ready to call. The system will preform automatic backups of all your important company information including system setup and voicemails. In today’s fasted paced life we need action quickly and the Hosted PBX platform allows add and changes to be actioned quickly by the ability of remote management. Once your problem has been brought to our attention we can dial in via the internet and complete the request, eliminating the need for a technician to attended your office saving you time and money.