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Business VoIP & Hosted PBX News

5 Reasons NOT to change an ISDN Phone to a Business NBN Phone System If you own a business in the Sydney area, you may already have NBN lines connected.  There are reports that some businesses are holding off transferring their phone lines to a business NBN phone system. Below we have listed the most […]

Help! my phone’s been hacked

Help! my phone’s been hacked Hacking in some form has been around for a long time, even before the internet. Due to the length of time it has been around, there have also been many security measures developed to protect systems from being hacked. The first rule is to have your VoIP services installed correctly and […]

As a small to medium business you may not think anyone would try to hack into your system but the truth is, small to medium business is being targeted as appropriate security measures may not be in place. It may be a cost consideration or simply a lack of knowledge but you need to seriously think […]

Things you may not know about VoIP

You have probably used VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) but not know much about it or maybe you don’t even know you have used it, perhaps something like Skype. Put simply, voice is transmitted across the internet as data. You can use a computer only or you, for a more professional look and feel for your […]

VoIP for your Call Centre

Have you ever thought it would be great to add a call centre to your business offering but thought it was financially out of reach? With VoIP and cloud computing you can think again. Even if you are a small business and you provide product support or your sales and marketing would benefit from a […]

With the NBN being installed around Australia, you may not be excited at the prospect of a more reliable, higher quality broadband because you just can’t see how you can take advantage of it. You may have a recent upgrade or new installation of your telephone system, darn it, or you think you just can’t […]

“So you want a VoIP Service?” is the title of a booklet published by the Communications Alliance Ltd. It makes good sense to read this booklet if you are considering moving from your traditional PSTN telephone setup to one which uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), whether it will be in-house or as a hosted […]

Mobile workers and VoIP

Workers today are not like the workers of years gone by – clocking in to work in the morning, spending their day with the company and clocking off at the end of the day to head home and doing it day after day.  Today with more flexible working arrangements, job sharing and the increased use […]

NBN Synch – It’s Simple – No lengthy contract to sign and no phone rental. That’s simple! No inconvenience, as you can keep your existing phone number.  You can also easily add new numbers without the hassle of technicians having to visit or do any installation.  My Business Voice can supply VoIP numbers as part of […]

NBN + VoIP = Unified Communications made simple

NBN + VoIP = Unified Communications made simple Technology today has some new buzz words – Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration among them. These two can go very effectively hand-in-hand. Unified communications put simply is integrated communications including voice, fax, email, instant messaging, data sharing and video all in one inbox managed with one set of […]