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No, You Don’t Need a New VoIP Phone: Dispelling Common Myths About Connecting to the NBN You Need a New VoIP Phone + Other Myths About Connecting to the NBN “To connect to the NBN, you need to upgrade your current VoIP phone system.” Check out why this isn’t true plus other myths about connecting […]

Is a New NBN Phone System Necessary

Is a New NBN Phone System Necessary? Top Reasons Why It’s Okay to Keep Using Your Current System Is a New NBN Phone System Necessary? Do you need a new NBN phone system? Or can you keep using the one you already have? Check out the top reasons why it’s okay to keep using your […]

Hosted PBX for Multiple Offices

Got Multiple Offices? What You Need to Know About Hosted PBX on the NBN Got Multiple Offices? Must-Know Facts About Hosted PBX on the NBN What’s the best phone system solution for a business that has multiple offices? Answer: hosted PBX. Read on to know more about hosted PBX on the NBN. If you’re a […]

NBN Issues?

NBN Issues? How the Right Consulting Firm Can Help NBN Issues? How the Right Consulting Firm Can Help Encountering NBN issues? Are your in-house employees unable to sort them out? If you answer yes to both, here’s how the right consulting firm can help. Faster is not always easier. At least, not at first. The […]

Hosted PBX Advantages: Lower Costs and Improve Business Features There can be several benefits of hosted PBX for your business. Click here to learn all about the different hosted PBX advantages. Keyword(s): hosted pbx advantages We’re living in a time when 65% of customers still prefer to contact a business by phone. Thus, not giving your business’ […]

Your Current Phone System Is NBN Ready!

Your Current Phone System Is NBN Ready! You may not have realized that your current phone system is NBN ready. Click here to learn more about NBN and whether your system is ready. Keyword(s): phone system is NBN ready Fibre growth reached 69.8% last year, which means that 3.6 million subscribers in Australia can now access […]

The Tech You Have to Keep Your Phone System on the NBN Network You may not realize or understand the technology you have, but could have what is needed to keep your phone system on the NBN network. Click here to learn more. Keyword(s): keep your phone system on the NBN network As of spring […]

How to Keep your Existing Telephone Number when Moving to the NBN If you are thinking about moving to the NBN but want to keep your telephone number, you are in luck! Click here to learn how you can keep your existing number. Keyword(s): keep your existing telephone number What’s there to know about Australia’s […]

5 Reasons NOT to change an ISDN Phone to a Business NBN Phone System If you own a business in the Sydney area, you may already have NBN lines connected.  There are reports that some businesses are holding off transferring their phone lines to a business NBN phone system. Below we have listed the most […]

Help! my phone’s been hacked

Help! my phone’s been hacked Hacking in some form has been around for a long time, even before the internet. Due to the length of time it has been around, there have also been many security measures developed to protect systems from being hacked. The first rule is to have your VoIP services installed correctly and […]