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Mobile workers and VoIP

Workers today are not like the workers of years gone by – clocking in to work in the morning, spending their day with the company and clocking off at the end of the day to head home and doing it day after day.

 Today with more flexible working arrangements, job sharing and the increased use of freelancers and contractors, those you employee can be located anywhere.  To date options for keeping in touch in real time with the main office were limited such as routing an office phone to a mobile, an “out of office” message for email and similarly inefficient choices.

In a world which is so much more competitive and a workforce increasingly using their own devices to solve communication issues, it is up to a business to cater for this mobility with a more flexible and agile solution.

Hosted PBX using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can provide a sophisticated, efficient and functionally rich communications platform.

Perhaps you thought VoIP was mainly about saving costs but it is fast becoming utilised because of the functionality it can provide.

A big bonus with PBX in the cloud is a single number which can call both and in office and mobile phone, one number to remember for the caller and the recipient can answer from anywhere their phone has reception.

For an out of office worker calling back to the office, they can call an “extension” in the same way they would if they were at their desk.  Great for keeping costs down and all of the features available on the PBX are also still available.

Being able to transfer calls “back” to the office is another available feature

A single mailbox containing the usual email and voicemail converted to text makes work so much simpler, no having to monitor separate locations, no having to call message bank to listen to messages, it is all there in text available visually and immediately.

Conference calls are available and can connect callers far and wide and with appropriate equipment this can be video conferencing, increasing the collaboration aspect of the communications.

A business can also have reports generated which give them statistics on phone usage of their mobile workers similar to those reports which are available from an in-house PBX. Regardless of the other information the reports are sure to indicate a reduction in call costs.

Switching to a hosted PBX option with its increased functionality also addresses the issue of staff bypassing business processes and doing their own thing, with their own devices to try and make their working life easier.

The flexibility and agility offered by being in the cloud will add to the security of your data and operations, as more control can be exercised.

The benefits are substantial for small to medium business.

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