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Telephone system for Property Management

A construction site provides a phone system a unique challenge. How to manage different locations from a single head office? How do you reach someone who is not only on site but away from the desk? A recent system we designed for a construction company handles all these problems and more.

A construction company head office is much like any other business the key benefit we offer them is the integration of their remote site into the office communications system. Site sheds can now communicate with the head office seamlessly because of the technology of VoIP. We are able to connect an IP desk phone through an internet connection and register to the main office telephone system as another extension on the PBX system.

This has enabled employee’s to call each other for free and to get answers quickly.

The site shed appears to be an extension on the main office line. Communicating with with the head office is a simple as intercomming.

My Business Voice has also supplied long range cordless phones, giving workers on site easy access with all staff members to make and receive important calls and access voicemail from anywhere on site.
Features we typically make available for construction companies include intercom, call transfer, connect to voicemail and the most used conference. Giving remote workers the ability to start teleconference with all team members without the hassle of all meeting at the same spot.

Our telephone system works over an internet connection, for construction sites we utilise wireless Ethernet. These connections can be installed on any fixed surface and offers business grade internet connectivity for voice and data.