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Property Management

Telephone system for Property Management

A My Business Voice business telephone system is ideally suited to many small businesses. Our systems can provide call reporting which uses unique account codes for staff members. Simply dial an account code on outbound calls and at the end of each month you’re able to reconcile usage.

Our systems comes with the right set of features to assist your staff to get the job done right. Recently we designed a solution for a property management company (O’Connor’s Strata Management). Our account management feature has really helped them. Enabling O’Connors to bill their client’s for each call made on their behalf. Providing a transparent accountable approach to cost recovery. Also giving peace of mind that staff are working and not making personal calls.

O’Connors also required a system that routed incoming calls to an offsite call centre at different times of the day and after hours. We achieved this by setting up automatic time based routing this means that all inbound calls will never be missed and will always be answered, this is very important due to the nature of the business as inbound callers may need urgent repairs to their property.

The line manager at O’Connors is very busy and never in the one spot, so we fitted her out with a DECT cordless phone which can be configured with the same intercom number as her desk phone. The manager is always contactable and she is always in contact with all staff members wherever she is in office.