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NBN Synch – It’s Simple – Keep your existing phone system

NBN Synch – It’s Simple – No lengthy contract to sign and no phone rental. That’s simple!

No inconvenience, as you can keep your existing phone number.  You can also easily add new numbers without the hassle of technicians having to visit or do any installation.  My Business Voice can supply VoIP numbers as part of the package.  An extension can really be a phone number which can follow staff around and reach them at their desk or on their mobile.  It is easier to remember just one number for staff and clients and convenient.

Save costs on your calls.  With VoIP, there isn’t a long distance call when it is entirely over the internet.  Some charges will be incurred if it is from your computer to a fixed-line phone or a mobile but they are much cheaper than via PSTN.  Even international calls, computer to computer do not incur an additional cost.

You could save up to 80% of your communications costs with NBN Synch.

By keeping your existing equipment, yes, no need to change, you are not having to dispose of your existing equipment which would more than likely go to landfill.  And you actually increase the lifespan of your existing equipment with NBN Synch as you are adding new, current technology with added functionality to take you into the future.

In addition to the existing functionality you have probably been using such as call forward, call waiting and voice mail, there are features which benefit staff when they are on the road, features which can bring remote offices onto the same network, as though they are in-house and such things as 1800 number increasing your reach nationally.  All of this without degrading audio quality.

All the technology benefits and a local provider with a reputation for quality product and quality service.  Danny Assabgy the CEO of Hudson Homes says “I came to Leigh looking for a telephone system he took his time to find the best solution for my needs and now I have a perfect working telephone system with unexpected features like voicemail to email, I can retrieve my messages while I’m out and about so I never miss an important call.”

Whether the NBN has reached you or will get to you soon, it is a good business strategy to investigate NBN Synch for your communication needs, particularly if you want to bring your business right into the digital age.

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