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New Features for an Old System – get the best from the NBN with your existing phone sytem

With the NBN being installed around Australia, you may not be excited at the prospect of a more reliable, higher quality broadband because you just can’t see how you can take advantage of it.

You may have a recent upgrade or new installation of your telephone system, darn it, or you think you just can’t afford to move to new technology.  Neither of these things need hold you back.

NBN Sync from My Business Voice allows you to retain your existing hardware and infrastructure and connect to the NBN, giving you whatever bells and whistles you feel will take your business to the next level.

NBN Sync
The gateway, effectively what NBN Sync is, “mimics the existing PSTN line” says Leigh Schmid, Director of My Business Voice and sits between your legacy system and the NBN.

With the NBN at your doorstep and your gateway in place, you are ready to connect and take advantage of the new features which the high speed, fibre optic broadband enables.

Yes, there are features which are available through a legacy system but generally every time you want to implement one, there is an extra charge.  With a hosted PBX PBX many of these features are included in a monthly subscription and others are available at a reduced cost because additional infrastructure and in-house installation are not required.
Some features which are generally included are—

  • Caller ID, caller blocking and call diversions
  • Do not disturb
  • Follow-me, which means if you are away from your desk a call can go to your mobile and if you can’t answer it will go to voice mail, the call won’t be lost.
  • If you use MS Outlook you can have direct connection to a contact in Outlook, just access the contact and click on the number and you are making the call.
  • Conference calls with two other parties are also one of the standard features offered, again if all callers are using the same provider, it is free and even if one of the parties is with a different provider or using a conventional phone, the charges will definitely be less.

VoIP handles media other than voice, you can transfer images, video and text, and so while you are speaking with someone you can also be sending files to them and be using a webcam.

Your subscription can provide features which are most relevant to your business and My Business Voice will take the time to learn about your business and advise you which are most suitable and of most benefit to you.

Get excited about the NBN and look forward to lower costs and increased productivity.

My Business Voice
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