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Business VoIP & Hosted PBX News

The NBN is coming, make the most of it

The NBN is coming! It’s due to arrive in a host of Western Sydney suburbs in coming months: Penrith, Richmond, Londonderry, Bligh Park, South Windsor, Windsor, Riverstone, Blacktown, Strathfield, Rookwood, Homebush and Lidcombe. Getting your business physically connected to the NBN won’t be an option: the old copper telephone network that has done sterling service […]

Fibre to the home

it’s been a long time coming but NBN Co has put the final nail into the coffin of the former Labor Government’s fibre to the home National Broadband Network plan that promised to connect fibre to 93 percent of premises in Australia. NBN Co has finally released the NBN Multi-Technology Deployment Principles, spelling out how […]

Selecting a VoIP Provider

How to pick the top VOIP Provider What comes first? The hardware, software or the provider? Choose the best provider and the chances are good, you will get top hardware, software and services. So selecting the right provider is critical. Read more… Cost is always important, this is usually one of the reasons a business […]

Having Issues with your VoIP installation?

Having Issues with your VoIP installation? Making a wise choice of provider can make troubleshooting easy but you may want to do some simple tests first if you are experiencing problems. This way you can eliminate an unnecessary support call and you become more familiar with your technology. Read more… Some issues which can occur— […]

The Parliamentary secretary to the minister for communications, Paul Fletcher, has delivered a blistering attack on the previous Labor Government’s plans to use wireless and satellite technologies to deliver the NBN to regional and remote areas of Australia. Fletcher, in a speech to the NBN Rebooted conference in Sydney, said the previous government had “got […]

Taking advantage of VoIP Features

Taking advantage of VoIP Features! Voice over Internet Protocol is not new, it has been in use since the mid-1990s and has come a long way since then. Better internet connectivity, availability and speed have improved VoIP and more features have been developed around the protocol. You don’t have to be a technological guru to […]

Starting up a business with VoiP

Starting up a business with VoIP! Starting up a business requires many boxes to be ticked and after business names, business registration, legal issues, bank accounts, technology decisions will be high on the list. Technology is not all about computing and websites, it does include your telephone options and these days there is a lot […]

Trends to watch for VoIP

Trends to watch for VoIP! When a big wheel(er) like the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission in the USA announces “The Fourth Network” revolution embracing the transition from copper to IP, you know the transition is well on its way and it won’t slow down. Tom Wheeler made this statement in November 2014 and […]

Hosted PBX for small business

Hosted PBX for small business! Make your small business look like big business The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) has been the option for telephony for a long time, now is a good time to consider a change. Internet speeds have improved, particularly in areas where the NBN is in place making a hosted PBX […]

Outgrown your phone system? Has your business outgrown the capabilities of its old phone system? Leigh Schmid, director at My Business Voice, has some compelling advice for small businesses that are still using old telephone systems and haven’t yet upgraded to modern VoIP telephony (Voice over Internet Protocol). “I meet countless owners of small businesses […]