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No, You Don’t Need a New VoIP Phone: Dispelling Common Myths About Connecting to the NBN

You Need a New VoIP Phone + Other Myths About Connecting to the NBN

“To connect to the NBN, you need to upgrade your current VoIP phone system.” Check out why this isn’t true plus other myths about connecting to the NBN.

As it’s been rolled out, the superfast myth of the NBN has been fully debunked. However, many other myths have arisen that have confused consumers and small business owners alike. Knowing the state of your system and whether you need to invest in a whole new VoIP phone system is distressing.

Here are the facts you need to know about NBN that should put an end to the myths.

You Won’t Need a VoIP Phone System

Small businesses are the main target for phone sellers trying to gin up worries about the NBN. If you have a PBX phone system or are using a service like My Business Phone, you’ll be prepared for the NBN. The NBN is being hyped as if it’s the next Y2K and that hype is just as unfounded as Y2K was.

Service providers are out to earn commissions and getting you on a lease for a new set of VoIP phones is a smart way to get you hooked in. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to buy-in. Any PBX phone system can be configured to run on the NBN. If any service providers tell you otherwise, that’s an outright lie.

An IP PBX system is already ready for NBN. There’s no risk of being kicked offline when the NBN is installed. Remember, as a small business owner, another company’s agenda can be very persuasive.

Australia’s Internet Is Epically Slow

Compared to the rest of the world, Australia has one of the slowest national internet speeds out of all industrialized nations. At around 10 Mbps, connection speed averages in Australia are far lower than the global average of nearly 50 Mbps. In the US, average speeds are much closer to 100 Mbps, meaning that Australia does, in fact, need to improve their system.

Whether or not the NBN is the answer, we’ll have to wait and see the results. Preliminary estimates get many users closer to 25 Mbps but this is based on the limited number of people who’ve made the switch. Once everyone is on the NBN, speeds could be much slower.

The world is using more data than ever, Australia included. As more users demand more video at faster speeds, the need for faster internet will persist. The NBN can help, but don’t let it get in the way of how you do business.

NBN’s 4G is Different Than Mobile Broadband

Most cell phones and wireless networks are now optimized for 4G connections. However, the idea that wireless NBN is going to be the same as mobile broadband is misguided. Wireless NBN is fixed.

Mobile broadband is designed to handle varying speeds that can be inconsistent. It also accounts for congestion, like when a bunch of people post videos from a single location when an event occurs. NBN is different in that it’s fixed on the number of premises that it can handle.

Bad mobile reception doesn’t impact your fixed wireless connection and vice versa. The NBN is using a totally different network than your mobile devices are.

It Won’t Leave Rural Areas Behind

Running a small business in a rural area already comes with a set of issues. Whether you’re struggling to find customers, market your services, or find the talent you need on your staff, you’re going to e disadvantaged. If you think the NBN is going to leave you behind, you’re fortunately mistake,n.

In far off regions, satellite and wireless NBN systems are going to be implemented. The only major issue is that download speeds will be slower. Direct connections will have higher speeds and see the most substantial changes in their ability to connect.

Most places are going to be better connected, even if it takes time. Thankfully, while you wait, you can continue to use services like My Business Phone to manage your small business phone services. One day or even one hour on a disabled network could do untold damage to your ability to make a profit.

You’re Not Forced to Use NBN

If you already live in a stellite-only region, you’re not going to be forced into using the NBN. If you don’t, your copper connection will eventually die but you don’t have to switch immediately. In fact, you don’t have to switch at all.

More users are trying out 3G, rival satellite services, or the kind of hosted PBX that companies like My Business Phone offers. Even when NBN is wiring things in your neighbourhood, you can decline the option. They’ll add a basic connection to your house for future use.

If your office is in a large complex, it’s up to your neighbours or your landlord to determine what’s going to happen. If there are a lot of NBN converts, they’ll force the connection on you. Property rights still prevail though and homeowners can choose their own fates.

Not All Coverage is Balanced

Media coverage across many news outlets isn’t exactly objective when it comes to NBN. There are loud voices on both sides of the connection type and it can be confusing to consumers.

If you’re looking to change, it’s important to prioritize what you need for your customers and your staff. Setting things up on behalf of what a media outlet or a salesperson tells you isn’t going to have your best interest in mind. Pay attention to your own needs first.

Don’t Invest in a VoIP Phone System Unless You Need One

Choosing to invest in a VoIP phone system should be dependant upon whether or not you think you need one. Buying one out of fear that you’re going to be left behind by the NBN isn’t a fear you should spend money on.

If you’re wondering whether your system is ready for NBN, check out our guide for why you should be fine.