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NBN Phone Systems

Keep your numbers. Relocating your business and getting new numbers is a huge hassle. With a NBN phone system, you can take your numbers with you. Have a campaign running in Townsville? Add some local numbers for the duration of the campaign. Contractors can keep their numbers no matter where they are. This means continuity for your customers.

Offsite and home based staff look like they are working from your office. As workplace flexibility grows, more employees and contractors will work from other locations or their homes. It saves you money on expensive inner-city office space. A NBN phone system means that no matter where your staff are located, it comes from a central office so that your customers experience a streamlined service. Projects running in other states or locations can be connected to your NBN phone system so that communication is not disrupted by distance.

Range of user features. Individual users can control how their calls are handled using the phone graphical interface and shortcut buttons or using star codes. Features such as Call forwards, Do Not Disturb (sends call to Voice mail) and Voice mail to email gives staff flexibility to manage their own calls and improve productivity.

Lower maintenance costs. The management, monitoring and maintenance of the PBX phone system is the service provider’s responsibility, which means far less onsite technical support is required. This means less downtime for your business, and far fewer missed calls.

Changes are done remotely. If you need additional services added, or changes done to existing services, it’s all done remotely by the service provider using the NBN PBX platform. New handsets are delivered pre-configured ready to plug and play. New employees and contractors no longer have to wait around to be connected. Low capital investment and ongoing cost. Because the most expensive part of the PBX phone system is the PBX unit itself, buying a NBN phone system can be up to 50% cheaper than installing with an onsite box. There is no longer a line rental fee - just an Internet connection.


Who Is A NBN Phone System Ideal For?

New businesses. For new companies, starting up a NBN Phone System makes a lot of sense. They can be up and running quickly without a lot of capital outlay and expand as the business grows.

Businesses in rapidly-changing industries. NBN phone systems are ideal for businesses working in dynamic environments. The phone system is so easily changeable – either to scale up or down – that it’s perfect for businesses who suddenly need to employ an influx of contractors or need to let them go.

Businesses with multi-site locations If you have several sites, remote workers or contractors in multiple locations then a NBN phone system is ideal as calls can be handed over between sites and you can call your other sites for free.

Businesses with temporary sites. If your business has temporary sites or projects that requires a short-term office in another location, a NBN phone system is perfect for this requirement. We can work with you and your business to understand your requirements and design a NBN phone system that will work for you.