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My Business Voice will promise to lower costs and boost productivity all with an easy to use Hosted PBX or Onsite Phone systems!We are the Small to Medium Business experts!

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NBN Phone System
NBN Phone System

Your current Phone system is NBN compatible, turn your system into a NBN Phone System today

Other companies will tell you that you need an entirely new phone system for the NBN…


Introducing NBN Phone System Sync for Small to Medium Business

  • RETAIN YOUR CURRENT PHONE SYSTEM You don’t need to buy a new NBN Phone system!
  • SAVE ON CALL COSTS Reduce monthly call costs and line rental by up to 80%
  • NO CONTRACTS You won’t be locked in to expensive phone rentals
  • KEEP YOUR CURRENT PHONE NUMBER Retain your phone number in any location
  • EXISTING FEATURES RETAINED Line hunt, audio quality are the same standard as provided by the big Telcos
  • LOCALLY BASED SERVICE PROVIDER One point of contact with high quality support and service
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Increases the lifespan of existing equipment, helping the environment

What is NBN Phone System Sync?

NBN Synchronized phone systems are the easy way to connect to the NBN, allowing you to keep your existing phone system hardware and features, plus retain your phone numbers. You will enjoy the same audio quality as provided by the big Telcos – with one huge advantage…

You won’t be locked in to expensive phone rental contracts and you will enjoy massive savings on line rental and outbound calls.

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Plus you get all of the incredible features of VoIP:

  • More concurrent calls
  • Integrated voicemail
  • Line hunt
  • Forwarding calls – inter office to mobiles and remote locations

Future proof your business with NBN Sync

My Business Voice will make your transition to NBN straightforward and affordable with no downtime or disruption. We are a locally based service provider giving one point of contact with high quality support and service, turn your phone system into a NBN phone system today its easy!.

Make your transition to better business telecommunications now!

Call us now to find out more 1300 739 556